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Paul Butterfield's Better Days - It All Comes Back

Banda: Paul Butterfield's Better Days
Disco: It All Comes Back
Ano: 1973(*)
Gênero: Blues, Blues Rock, R&B
1. Too Many Drivers (Hogg) 3:22
2. It's Getting Harder To Survive (Barron) 4:02
3. If You Live (Allison) 3:29
4. Win Or Lose (Charles, Butterfield) 4:38
5. Small Town Talk (Charles, Danko) 5:37
6. Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It (Charles, Butterfield) 3:43
7. Poor Boy (Traditional, arranged and adapted by Geoff Muldaur) 4:22
8. Louisiana Flood (Barron, Rebennack) 3:42
9. It All Comes Back (Charles) 6:08
Paul Butterfield: Harmonica, Vocals (faixas 1, 3, 4, 6, 9)
Geoff Muldaur: Guitar, Vocals (faixas 5, 7, 9), Backing Vocals
Ronnie Barron: Keyboards, Vocals (faixas 2, 8)
Christopher Parker: Drums
Billy Rich: Bass
Amos Garrett: Guitar
Howard Johnson: Horns
Bobby Charles: Vocals
Bobbye Hall: Congas
Maria Muldaur: Vocals
(*) CD lançado em 1987.
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A biografia de Paul Butterfield já foi postada aqui, juntamente com o disco "The Paul Butterfield Blues Band", de 1965.

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