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The Allman Brothers Band - Reach For The Sky/Brothers Of The Road

Banda: The Allman Brothers Band
Gênero: Blues Rock, Southern Rock, Jam Bands

Disco: Reach For The Sky
Ano: 1980(*)
1. Hell & High Water (Dickey Betts) 3:37
2. Mystery Woman (Gregg Allman, Daniel Toler) 3:35
3. From The Madness Of The West (Dickey Betts) 6:38
4. I Got A Right To Be Wrong (Dickey Betts) 3:46
5. Angeline (Dickey Betts, Mike Lawler, Johnny Cobb) 3:43
6. Famous Last Words (Dickey Betts, Bonnie Bramlett) 2:48
7. Keep On Keepin' On (Dickey Betts, Daniel Toler) 4:10
8. So Long (Gregg Allman, Daniel Toler) 6:57
Gregg Allman: Organ, Lead Vocals
Dickey Betts: Lead, Slide & Acoustic Guitars, Synthesizer, Lead Vocals
"Jaimoe" Johnny Lee Johnson: Drums
Butch Trucks: Drums, Syndrum
David "Rook" Goldflies: Bass
"Dangerous" Dan Toler: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Jim Essery: Harmonica
Johnny Cobb: Piano, Background Vocals
Mike Lawler: Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizers
Mark Morris: Congas, Timbales, Percussion
Sherry Cobb: Background Vocals ("Famous Last Words")
Thomas Caine: Background Vocals ("Hell & High Water")
(*) CD lançado em 1995.
Disco: Brothers Of The Road
Ano: 1981(*)
1. Brothers Of The Road (Dickey Betts, Jim Goff) 4:01
2. Leavin' (Gregg Allman) 3:47
3. Straight From The Heart (Dickey Betts, Johnny Cobb) 3:47
4. The Heat Is On (Dickey Betts, Mike Lawler, Buddy Yochim) 4:14
5. Maybe We Can Go Back To Yesterday (Dickey Betts, Dan Toler, Dickey Betts) 4:45
6. The Judgement (Dickey Betts) 3:43
7. Two Rights (Dickey Betts, Johnny Cobb, Mike Lawler) 3:32
8. Never Knew How Much (I Needed You) (Gregg Allman) 4:27
9. Things You Used To Do (Gregg Allman, Keith England) 3:49
10. I Beg Of You (Rose Marie McCoy, Kelly Owens) 3:25
Gregg Allman: Vocals, Organ, Acoustic Guitar
Dickey Betts: Vocals, Lead, Slide & Acoustic Guitars
Butch Trucks: Drums
David "Rook" Goldflies: Bass
Mike Lawler: Pianos, Synthesizers, Clavinet
"Dangerous" Dan Toler: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
David "Frankie" Toler: Drums
Músicos adicionais:
Charlie Daniels: Fiddle ("Brothers Of The Road")
Jimmy Hall: Sax ("Never Knew How Much (I Needed You)"), Background Vocals
Mark "Tito" Morris: Congas, Timbales, Percussion
Thomas Cain, Johnny Cobb, Chip Young, Greg Guidry, Joy Lannon, Donna McElroy, Keith England, Jeff Silverman, Randall Hart, Peter Kingsberry, Joe Pizzulo: Background Vocals
(*) CD lançado em 1995.

A biografia da banda já foi postada aqui, juntamente com o disco "The Allman Brothers Band", de 1969.

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