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Cactus - Barely Contained: The Studio Sessions

Banda: Cactus
Disco: Barely Contained: The Studio Sessions
Ano: 2004
Gênero: Blues Rock, Hard Rock
Disc 1
1. Parchman Farm (Allison) 3:08
2. Bro. Bill (Appice, Bogert, Day, McCarty) 5:12
3. My Lady From South Of Detroit (Appice, Bogert, Day, McCarty) 4:27
4. You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover (Dixon)
5. Let Me Swim (Appice, Bogert, Day, McCarty) 3:52
6. No Need To Worry (Appice, Bogert, Day, McCarty) 6:16
7. Oleo (Appice, Bogert, Day, McCarty) 4:52
8. Feel So Good (Appice, Bogert, Day, McCarty) 6:04
9. Sweet Sixteen [Previously Unissued] (Appice, Bogert, Day, McCarty) 5:08
10. Rumblin' Man (Appice, Bogert, Day, McCarty) 4:22
11. The Sun Is Shining [Previously Unissued] (James, Abner, Reed) 5:15
12. Long Tall Sally [Single Version] (Penniman, Johnson, Blackwell) 5:59
13. Rockout, Whatever You Feel Like (Appice, Day, McCarty, Bogert) 4:00
14. Rock N' Roll Children (Appice, Day, McCarty, Bogert) 5:48
15. Big Mama Boogie, Parts I & II (Appice, Day, McCarty, Bogert) 5:30
16. Song For Aries (Appice, Day, McCarty, Bogert) 3:08
Disc 2
1. Feel So Bad [Single Version] (Willis) 5:33
2. Hometown Bust (Appice, Day, McCarty, Bogert) 6:39
3. One Way... Or Another (Appice, Day, McCarty, Bogert) 5:08
4. Hound Dog Sniffin' [Previously Unissued] (Appice, Bogert, Day, McCarty) 5:19
5. Restrictions (Day, Appice) 6:17
6. Token Chokin' [Single Version] (Day, Appice) 3:10
7. Guiltless Glider (Day, Bogert, Appice, McCarty) 8:45
8. Evil [Single Version] (Burnett) 3:17
9. Alaska [Single Version] (McCarty, Bogert, Day) 3:43
10. Sweet Sixteen [Single Version] (Appice, Bogert, Day, McCarty) 3:25
11. Bag Drag (McCarty, Day) 5:17
12. Mean Night In Cleveland (Day, Bogert, Appice, McCarty) 2:11
13. Bad Stuff (French, Johnson) 3:16
14. Bringing Me Down (Appice, Bogert, French, Fritzsching, Hitchings) 5:27
15. Bedroom Mazurka (Hitchings, French) 4:37
16. Telling You (Hitchings, French) 5:11
17. Underneath The Arches (Flanagan, Connelly, McCarty) 0:30
Tim Bogert: Bass, Background Vocals
Carmine Appice: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Jim McCarty: Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar
Rusty Day: Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion
Werner Fritzsching: Guitar
Duane Hitchings: Organ, Piano
Peter French: Vocals
Ron LeeJack: Slide Guitar ("Token Chokin")
Albhy Galuten: Piano ("Alaska")
Compilação dos discos "The Cactus", de 1970, "One Way... Or Another", de 1971, "Restrictions", de 1971, e "'Ot 'N' Sweaty", de 1972.
A biografia da banda já foi postada aqui, juntamente com o disco "Live At B.B. King's Club, New York, April 10, 2010 [Bootleg]", de 2010.

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